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Hello! Curious about i-Wrap URgift?

~A beautiful wrapped gift delights and impresses more, before it’s even opened.~

i-Wrap UR Gift

Riglène Cristina

Welcome to i-Wrap UR Gift by Events4U. i-Wrap UR Gift by Events4U has been officially established on November 7, 2016.

We strongly believe that, if gifts weren’t wrapped, the much of the fun would be gone. That part of fun is the anticipation and curiosity that builds, when the recipient wonders what the gift is.
Imagine how good it feels to give a someone a gift that looks too good to be true, too nice to open. They will appreciate the effort you’ve made for their enjoyment

We are aware that you might ask why we care about wrapping a gift, it’s very simple. Wrapping a gift is a visual signal that is associated with happy events in a person’s life.

Who is the creative mind behind i-Wrap UR Gift?

Riglène Cristina is the creative owner of i-Wrap UR Gift by Events4U. Riglène Cristina is an entrepreneur by chance and by choice. After being employed for nine years at a well-established company, she got the chance to make her passion her paycheck.

Wrapping gift has been her hobby since she was a teenager. It became her passion after working in December wrapping gift at MoniletPlayworld; a large toy store on the island.

Besides, her passion for wrapping gift, she is in love with throwing parties, so she thought why not using her organizing skills to assist people who are in need of some support.

In 2004 she finished her study and became Legal Assistant. She went to the University of Curacao to continue her law study, but couldn’t finish, because she had a chance to educate herself in Public Management and Political Management in Mexico for several months. Besides her education she is a professional dancer and co-founder of The Dance Passion.

The creativity use to either wrap gift or to plan a party is an inheritance by her mom.